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Welcome to Snackbar Media.

We believe the community is essential for forward progression, and we aim to foster and deliver the best communities on the World Wide Web, as well as the most relevant and downright awesome content we can find.

We are not affiliated with any mega-media corporations. We exist as an independent entity from the rest of the media industry. Keeping ourselves — and our opinions — separate from the pressure of a parent corporation gives us the freedom to offer own subjective stance, and likewise allow our communities to provide their own as well.

You may have heard of our two current online communities—Snackbar Games and Movie Thunder. Snackbar Games focuses on videogame-related content, offering news, reviews and a topnotch podcast, while Movie Thunder is much of the same concept but instead targets the film industry, both mainstream and independent.

Our commitment is to our online communities, because without them Snackbar Media would cease to exist. We welcome you to visit our Web sites and join our communities as we continue to grow in this exciting, booming era of the Internet.